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Signs of a Faulty Water Heater

Signs of a Faulty Water Heater

Professional Water Heater Service

Your water heater is more instrumental in your daily life than you know. Freezing cold showers can give you a jolt of reality you don't need at 6:00 in the morning. Nonexistent hot water can make the idea of preparing a decent meal 100 percent impossible, too. If you're in need of five-star professional water heater repair service, Ken's Plumbing & Heating, Inc. in East Meadow, New York can masterfully save the day for you. Remember, transitioning seasons call for reliable water heater use.

Is Your Water Heater in Need of Repair?

It's important to be able to pinpoint things that suggest a water heater that's not working correctly. The sooner you recognize a questionable water heater, the sooner you can phone our team to make an appointment for our world-class professional repair service. Not having a water heater that works can put your household in limbo. If your water heater is in trouble, there may be several big clues to note. Your water heat levels at home may all of a sudden start shifting all of the time.

Watch out for the following symptoms of a faulty water heater:

  • Weak water pressure. Did your water pressure take a nosedive? It could be an issue with your water heater.
  • Appliance begins making unusual noises. A properly working unit should not be making loud noises!
  • Water begins to have a strange taste. H2O that has a strange metallic flavoring isn't at all normal.
  • Your water heater is leaking.
  • Water feels lukewarm. A water heater that isn't producing hot water is in obvious need of service.
  • Water is discolored. Watch out for rust-colored water, which could be the result of corrosion inside the tank.
  • Drain valve dilemmas. Is the drain valve leaking? It may be so clogged with mineral deposits that it needs to be replaced.
  • Water smells weird. H2O should never emit an odor that's reminiscent of metal.

Don't assume that a water heater that's acting up will resolve itself or go back to normal. It won't. Call our company to make an appointment for repair work that can get your lifestyle back on the track to normalcy.

Expert Water Heater Replacement

Our Long Island water heater technicians know how to replace problematic water heaters of all varieties. They know how to replace water heaters that are on their ways out, too. If you have a water heater that's on the verge of expiration, we can provide you with an installation that's seamless and hassle-free. These appliances don't stay strong and functional indefinitely. If you use a water heater that's been in your life for at least a full decade, then it probably should be replaced right away. It's not unheard of for these appliances to remain usable for a maximum of 15 years. It's pretty rare, though. Water heaters that remain intact for longer stretches tend to be those that get frequent maintenance from professionals.

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