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As unpleasant as it is to deal with your toilet acting up, it can become even more unpleasant later if you simply ignore it. Even if the toilet has not overflowed completely yet or caused an emergency, smaller issues like a clog that won't go away should be addressed by a Nassau County plumber. Toilet repairs are one of the most common plumbing services we take care of at Ken's Plumbing & Heating. We can provide a wide range of repairs, and if the problem at hand cannot be fixed, we even offer toilet replacements.

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When to Call a Professional for Toilet Repair

Once in a while, a toilet issue can be resolved by a quick plunge or a jiggle of the handle. However, more serious clogs or internal problems may not be as obvious and will require the handiwork of a professionally trained Nassau County plumber. Severe drain problems can be caused by roots, preventing your toilet from operating properly.

Whether you know what is causing the toilet problem or not, you can trust our team to get to the bottom of it! Once we understand the problem, we can begin repairing your issue quickly.

Signs You Need Professional Toilet Repair

  • Your toilet keeps running excessively
  • Your toilet is clogged up
  • Your toilet has very low water

Handling Common Toilet Repairs in Nassau County

One of the most common toilet repairs is replacing the wax ring. The wax ring is a ring of wax that seals the space between the bottom of the toilet and the floor flange. Over time, the wax ring can become dry and cracked, allowing water to leak out. To replace the wax ring, your plumber will remove the toilet by disconnecting it from the floor flange. Next, they will clean off the old wax ring and apply a new one. Finally, the toilet is reattached to the floor flange.

Another common toilet repair is fixing a leaking fill valve. The fill valve is responsible for supplying water to the tank. If it is not functioning properly, it can cause water to leak out from around the base of the toilet. To fix a leaking fill valve, your plumber will first turn off the water supply and flush the toilet to empty the tank. Next, they will remove the lid of the tank and locate the fill valve. Then they will tighten any loose screws and replace any worn parts. Finally, the water supply will be turned on and everything will be checked for leaks.

Consider Eco-Friendly Low Flow Toilets for Your Home

We may recommend a replacement if your toilet is beyond repair or if we believe a newer toilet can offer you benefits. If you still have an old toilet that uses a lot of water to flush, now is the time to consider a modern, eco-conscious low flow toilet. These toilets use pressure to flush, saving more water per flush than other toilets. Whereas the toilets of the past could use up to six gallons with each flush, low flow models use substantially less at around 1.6 gallons per flush, saving you money on your water bill. If you are interested in making an upgrade in your home, a new toilet may be more beneficial than you realize.

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