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East Meadow Water Heater Repair & Installation

Water Heater Service in Nassau County & Beyond

When it comes to a water heating system for your home, there are so many options for you to choose from. Advancements in water heating technology have been made over the past few years, leading to hybrid and tankless units which offer endless hot water and lowered bills. Our water heater specialists at Ken's Plumbing & Heating in East Meadow, NY and the surrounding areas can ensure your unit is running as efficiently as possible.

Signs Your Water Heater is in Need of Repairs

It's important to be able to pinpoint things that suggest a water heater that's not working correctly. The sooner you recognize a questionable water heater, the sooner you can phone our plumbing team to make an appointment for our world-class professional repair service.

Common signs to look out for include:

  • Low water pressure: Did your water pressure take a nosedive? It could be an issue with your water heater.
  • Strange noises: Banging or clanking could be signs of excess sediment deposits.
  • Water has a strange taste: H2O that has a strange metallic flavoring isn't at all normal.
  • Your water heater is leaking: If you notice a leak, the tank is likely cracked or worse.
  • Not producing consistently hot water: A system that isn't producing hot water is in obvious need of service.
  • Water is discolored: Watch out for rust-colored water, which could be the result of corrosion inside the tank.
  • Drain valve leaks: Is the drain valve leaking? It may be so clogged with mineral deposit

Not having a water heater that works can put your household in limbo. If your water heater is in trouble, there may be several big clues to note. Your water heat levels at home may all of a sudden start shifting all of the time.

At Ken's Plumbing & Heating, our East Meadow plumbers install, replace, and repair of all types of water heaters throughout Nassau County.

Types of Water Heaters We Offer

In order to determine the type of water heater which is right for you, there are a few factors to consider. You will need to take into account your budget, your family's needs, and the size of water heater you have room for. We can help you decide whether a gas or electric water heater is most appropriate for you.

Improve Your Home's Energy Efficiency

Since 1989, we have helped many Nassau County homeowners reap the benefits of newer water heating equipment. Upgrading or installing a new water heater can lead to energy and cost savings which are worth the investment. We can help you to compare operating costs and savings with different models to make a decision, and then take care of the installation process.

Professional Water Heater Repair

Should your water heater stop working properly, our Nassau County plumbers can offer you rapid, professional repair services. We have worked on virtually every type of water heater and have the skill and experience to determine the source of the problem.

To make an appointment for water heater repair or replacement services,

contact us today at (516) 796-2100.

Commonly Asked Questions

What are the signs that my water heater needs repairs?

Signs that your water heater needs repairs include low water pressure, strange noises, strange taste in the water, leaks, inconsistent hot water, discolored water, and drain valve leaks.

What types of water heaters do you offer?

We offer a variety of water heaters, including traditional tank water heaters, tankless water heaters, and hybrid water heaters. Our team can help you determine the best option for your home based on your budget, family's needs, and available space.

How can a new water heater improve my home's energy efficiency?

Upgrading or installing a new water heater can lead to energy and cost savings. Our team can help you compare operating costs and savings with different models to make an informed decision and then take care of the installation process.

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