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Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips

Sprucing up a modern home is no longer just for spring, though it has become a tradition with many of our customers. Intensive cleaning of the house during the spring evolved because windows and doors could finally be opened up, and the soot and dust that had accumulated during the winter could eventually be swept out. But whenever you decide to clean your house, here are some tips:

1. Clean the Toilet

If a lot of limescale has built up in the toilet bowl, first take out as much water as you can with a plastic cup then pour in enough white vinegar to cover the stains. When the stains are gone, flush. You can also use a product that is made for removing limescale but make sure to follow the instructions. To keep limescale from returning, mix 1/2 white vinegar and 1/2 water in a spray bottle. Spray around the toilet bowl, let it soak for 10 minutes then flush. Use paper towels to wipe up.

2. Clean the Shower Curtain

Lots of our customers are shocked at how mildewed their shower curtain can get, and they don’t know what to do about it. An otherwise good shower curtain doesn’t need to be thrown out if it has mildew. It can be put in the wash like everything else. But first, put it in a tub with one part bleach to four parts water before putting it in the washing machine. You can also scrub away the mildew with a paste of water, and baking soda then rinse. Then, wash the shower curtain in hot water.

3. Clean the Fridge and Freezer

Many people forget their refrigerator’s grill and coil, which is found at the back. Keeping the grill clean extends the life of the fridge because it won’t have to work as hard to keep everything cold. So, every spring, pull out the refrigerator and just use a vacuum to clean the grill and coil. Make sure that the drip pan is cleaned out as well. The drip pan is found beneath the fridge and can harbor mold and mildew if it’s not cleaned out regularly. Spring is also an excellent time to take everything out of the freezer and wipe down the compartment.

4. Remove Lint From the Clothes Dryer

The clothes dryer has a lint screen that you clean out every time you dry a load of wash, but lint also accumulates in the ductwork. Spring is the ideal time to check to make sure that the hose and the ductwork aren’t blocked. You can buy a special brush to clear it out, but if there’s a very bad blockage you can’t reach, you might have to call in an air duct/dryer duct cleaning professional.

5. Troubleshoot the Air Conditioner

Spring is also the best time to check the air conditioning unit or units. Window units should be installed at the right angle, so condensate drips outside, debris such as weeds and trash should be removed from in front of the condenser unit, and the condenser unit should be hosed down. This and other troubleshooting acts helps to ensure that the system is up and running when it needs to be during the hot months.

These tips cover only a few of the spring cleaning tasks that our clients usually tackle. Though they do require some work, you’ll be glad you did them. Your house will be even happier.

6. Change the Plumbing Fixtures

Spring is as good an excuse as any to swap out those common plumbing fixtures for something a bit more up-to-date. Consider a gooseneck faucet with a detachable aerator for the kitchen. These are ideal for filling stockpots and giving the sink a quick rinse in the evening. Add a scald protector to the bathroom fixtures to protect little people and seniors or a luxurious waterfall faucet to the bathtub. If you have a tiny powder room where you can splurge a bit, put in fixtures plated in gold. If gold is too flashy, consider materials such as oil-rubbed bronze, chrome-plated metal in high polished or matte finishes, or satin nickel.

For something a bit less sexy, let our plumbers from Ken's Plumbing & Heating put in new plumbing pipes. You might need new pipes if they were put in more than 25 years ago, if you’re having trouble with water pressure or notice that your water is discolored or bad tasting. Old pipes have been subjected to the ravages of time, while newer pipes can grow clogged with limescale laid down by hard water. We are also pleased to install water softeners to make sure that your pipes and water-dependent appliances are free of those minerals that cause problems.

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