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5 Ways to Enhance Your Guest Bathroom

5 Ways to Enhance Your Guest Bathroom

As you prepare for the holidays, you might focus on prepping the kitchen and gathering recipes. But have you remembered to freshen up the guest bathroom? If your family doesn’t use it much, it might look a bit neglected. Recharge the space with a few easy additions.

1. Do a Deep Clean

Even if your guest bathroom doesn’t get much use, dust can build up. Cobwebs can develop in the corners. Make your bathroom shine again by cleaning it with a fresh-smelling solution that makes your visitors feel as though they’re at a hotel.

Don’t forget to replace the shower curtain liner. Spots of mildew and soap scum can be unsightly.

2. Enliven the Scent

Bathrooms can smell musty and humid. Even if yours doesn’t, an air freshener can help guests feel more comfortable in the space. This is especially true if more than one visitor will be using the guest bathroom.

Essential oil diffusers are more natural than chemical-based air fresheners. They’ll also give your guests a dose of aromatherapy. Use lavender for calming purposes and citrus scents to energize.

3. Add Some Luxury

If your bath mat is old and dingy and your towels don’t match, consider replacing them. Plush, white towels and a cedar bath mat can make your bathroom feel more opulent. Consider getting a new shower curtain if yours is old or doesn’t match the décor.

4. Give Guests What They Need

Friends and family members who are traveling by air may not be able to bring an abundance of liquid and gel toiletries. Plus, even the most organized guests might not have packed the essentials that they usually use during their morning routines. Provide them with everything they need.

Stock the shower with plenty of shampoos, conditioner, and body wash. Fill a basket with other items, such as cotton swabs, makeup remover, cotton balls, moisturizer, body spray, deodorant, toothpaste, and extra toothbrushes.

5. Fix Plumbing Issues

If your toilet leaks or your sink drips, correct the issues before your guests arrive. You don’t want to deal with an emergency when your home is filled with visitors. Call Ken’s Plumbing at (516) 796-2100 or contact us online to set up an appointment.