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5 Ways to Enhance Your Guest Bathroom
5 Ways to Enhance Your Guest Bathroom

As you prepare for the holidays, you might focus on prepping the kitchen and gathering recipes. But have you remembered to freshen up the guest bathroom? If your family doesn’t use it much, it might look a bit neglected. Recharge the space with a few easy additions. 1. Do a ...

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    Do Bath Bombs Clog Drains? Bath bombs are all the rage and for good reason. The colorful, scented, fizzy bath salts are favorite way to unwind in the ...

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  • Common Spring Plumbing Issues

    Though you may believe that the passage of winter without any serious plumbing problems has let your plumbing system off the hook at least until next ...

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  • What Can and Can’t Go Down Your Drains?

    What's Safe to Put Down Your Drain? You may be causing your drainage pipes a lot more harm than you realize. While a drain is may seem an easy way to ...

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