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Bath Bombs Could Be Ruining Your Plumbing

Bath Bombs Could Be Ruining Your Plumbing

Bath bombs are all the rage and for good reason. The colorful, scented, fizzy bath salts are favorite way to unwind in the tub after a long, stressful day. Who wouldn’t love taking a soak in a cosmic swirl of colors?

While intended to help you relax, bath bombs, if used too frequently, can create serious stress by clogging your drains.

How Bath Bombs Can Damage Drains

The problem with bath salts is that they contain a number of ingredients that will not dissolve completely. Bits of flower, glitter and confetti can be real clog causers.

It’s not only the solid particles that pose problems. The oils that make your bathtub smell like a bouquet can harden if they cool too fast when traveling down the drain, further plugging up your plumbing.

Beyond the Drain

For people who have septic systems, frequent use of bath bombs can create even more issues. Synthetic ingredients can accumulate in the tank, clogging effluent filters. This could result in slow drains or sewage backups through toilets and other fixtures.

Use with Caution

Place them in a nylon cover before dropping them in the bath. The cover will prevent solid particles from going down the drain. Also, clean your drains with a solution of water and vinegar every couple of weeks. Oh, and you are using a drain strainer, right?

A bath bomb here and there probably isn’t going to affect your plumbing too much, but turning every soak into a kaleidoscope of fizzy water can do some real damage over time. That’s why we recommend using them in moderation.

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